Dan Hudson


In this painting of Ladyface Dan Hudson captures a fall day just as the sun Is beginning to set. The vantage point is from the parking lot of the DIY Home Center. Whether its early morning, midday or dusk, it is always worth the time to appreciate the view.
40″ x 16″ Oil on canvas.
Number 1 on location map.

The winter morning fog quietly overtaking the Kanan and Agoura Road intersection in the painting by Dan Hudson. Within minutes the slow moving fog transforms this busy intersection into a mysterious, fantasy world.
30″ x 15″ Oil on canvas.
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Located near the Agoura Road Landmark tree, this Dan Hudson painting ” A Well Traveled Path” shows a clearly defined short-cut path.
30” x 15” Oil on canvas. 
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Agoura Road Landmark Tree – Agoura and Kanan Roads
30” x 15” Oil on canvas
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14" X 11" Oil on canvas

Water collection area painting 
near Agoura Road and
Kanan Road. This area
changes with each season.
The Woolsey fire dramatically
altered it’s appearance.

Agoura Rd and Kanan Rd
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16" x 20" Oil on canvas


Medea Creek Park painting at Kanan Rd
24” x 18” Oil on canvas
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A canopy of trees at Medea Creek Park.
30” x 15” Oil on canvas. 
See number 7 on location map.

Dan Hudson’s “Dusk at Media Creek”. The bridge is Conifer St. in Oak Park.
30” x 15” Oil on canvas. 
See number 9 on location map.

Medea Creek at Oak Hills Drive.

14″ x 11″ Oil on canvas.

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email: dan@danhudson.us Text or Phone: 818-593-9878